Only true “Haifa-ers” can shine a light on what’s really going on in this amazing town of ours. Yep, you guessed it right… we’re from Haifa.

Orange umbrella in the middle of a street in Haifa

Having spent most of our life in this green city and witnessing the masses of tourists arriving throughout the year and regardless of season, we decided to add a personal touch, in true Haifa style. We often find ourselves spending hours on Google or Booking, looking for information about places we plan to visit.

Finding a hotel may seem easy with the abundance of apps and websites, but how many times do you find yourself looking at professional photos of a room, that looks like it was taken straight out of a magazine and wondering, if it will really look like this when you’ll arrive? How many times have you booked a hotel that seemed amazing, only to find out it was smack on a busy noisy road?

When you plan your vacation, you want to be able to get to know the place you’re going to and about the hotel you are going to book. If you’re anything like us, you also like to plan your itinerary and not just book your hotel well in advance, including making a list of where to eat, where to shop etc. This website is more than just another collection of hotels in Haifa. It is a collection of valuable information about the hotels and their exact location.

For each hotel we will be giving you as much information as we can, based on our personal knowledge of the hotel and its area and surroundings. Only a true Haifa resident can tell you how noisy a certain street is or isn’t or how easy it is to find parking in some places.

We’re doing our best to keep the site updated and give you the real added value you need to plan your perfect vacation in Israel. In other words, we launched for people, who plan their vacations and want to get an accurate information before booking a hotel and about the city itself (yes the cons too, not just the pros). We want you to feel safe and confident in your choice, because you’ll know what to expect.